DataMapper ORM

Using This Manual

This manual has been designed with (mostly) standardized formatting to help you get started with DataMapper ORM as quickly as possible.

Code Formatting

Ths code in this manual has been color-coded and formatted to make it easier to see DataMapper-specific components, as well as making the PHP easier to read. Some of the examples, specifically those that are from or are complete files, may have line numbers. You should be able to copy-and-paste code beside the line numbers without worrying about the numbers in the pasted code.

This table shows the most common colors you will see in the manual.

Sample Meaning
/* Comment */
Code comments.
PHP keywords, such as foreach or switch.
General values, such as strings and numbers.
Normal PHP variables, or non-native standalone functions.
Built-in PHP functions, such as htmlspecialchars.
Special DataMapper methods added to DataMapper models.
var $dm_property
Special properties added by DataMapper to models.
This is either highlighting important code, or may be referencing methods only available from an extension.
Highlights important code, that often has just been changed from the previous example.

This format should be fairly consistent. Some areas bolded text has been used to highlight information as well.

Special Content

Besides the special content, there are also special sections that may be designed to stand out.

Important Section

Important sections highlight critical information than can affect your usage of DataMapper, or may corrupt data if used incorrectly.

Note Section

Notes signify information that is important to getting the best out of DataMapper.

Highlighted Section

These sections often stand out from the regular sections because they are advanced or non-critical features.

Sample Code Note

Example Application

This highlights that there is more sample code available elsewhere.

To the far right is an examples note. If you see one of these, it means that there is more sample code available elsewhere.